About Us

Who Are We

We are a group of concerned Vocaloid supporters, recognizing how truly unique and game-changing they are as a platform, refuses to allow myths and prejudice to set a limit on how far Vocaloids can take us. Communities are what build Vocaloids, they are what will save them too, knowing this, we are constructing a similarly revolutionary campaign that will bring much needed attention to Vocaloids from the academic world with the combined resourcefulness of the whole Vocaloid community, the first popularly supported academic inquiry.

Our Mission - Expanding the Reach of Vocaloids and Motivating Producers


Attracting New Audiences

We aim at dispelling the negative stereotypes attached by the misinformed on Vocaloids and profess the true value Vocaloids embodies, so that the general public could also realize that they have a lot in common with the Vocaloid community and join in.


Raising Quality And Quantity Vocaloid Composition

Composing is no easy work and most Vocaloid producers are not in it to make profit, and appreciation is what motivates them. Project Hashi shows them that their hard work has been given attention and their message received, encouraging them to continue working on.

What must be done

The Galapagos syndrome consuming the Vocaloid community is caused by misinformation and a lack of authoritative voices in refuting them. Project Hashi aims providing exactly that, a scholarly, authoritative examination of the Vocaloid community, their works and the message embedded in the works by the producers. We will be conducting the world’s first popularly supported academic inquiry, which means connecting the community interested in a common topic and the academia, enabling scholars with resources from the community to conduct research on that topic.